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ShaStick Shaving Soap

Forever Summer Natural Soaps

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Forever Summer Natural Shastick Shaving Soaps

ShaStick is our latest creation! Our all natural shaving soap is poured into a 2 ounce stick that makes it easier to shave without the hassle or mess. The resealable tube makes a perfect travel companion for shaving. Any scent is perfect for both men and women. For women it makes the task of shaving your legs and underarms much easier and also leaves skin much smoother and our soap moisturizes as you shave. The natural oils help reduce skin irritation while shaving.

Directions- wet skin or dip stick in warm water, massage into skin to be shaved. This will create a light lather, feel free to use one of our shaving brushes for more lather. While shaving your razor will slide smoothly across your skin leaving it silky smooth and moist.

Natural Ingredients- saponified vegetable oils: coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, safflower oil & palm oil; & essential oil.

Depending on scent may contain goat's milk, beer with Shea butter, natural fragrance oils & essential oils.

 Each ShaStick Shaving Soap is hand poured into a 2oz twist up stick with screw on lid and label.

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