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Forever Summer Natural Soaps was created by Mary Ellen Quaine in September of 1996. Her inspiration for creating natural soaps started over twenty years ago when her daughter had severe allergies to an anti-bacterial soap. Over the years Mary Ellen has created and perfected over 100 different natural soaps, including natural beer and goats milk soap, natural balms, ointments and array of other natural bath products.


Our soap is hand-crafted in small batches. All are stirred with love in Mary Ellen's  Lapeer County log home. Hand-stirring at low temperature holds in the oils' nutrients and creates a gentle, moisturizing bars naturally rich in existing glycerin.

All soaps contain saponified olive oil, coconut oil & sustainable palm oil gentle yet moisturizing for the skin. Our soaps are made with pure essential oils, although some also may be made with natural fragrance oils. All ingredients are listed on every bar.

All colorants in our soaps occurs naturally from the herbs and oils added. Colors may vary from batch to batch as some soaps can either lighten or darken over time due to the natural ingredients used. Depending on the soap some have added herbs, spices, milk, oats, vitamin e, aloe vera, solar herbal teas, herbal infusions and flower petals.

All of our soap has a minimum curing time of four weeks.

No artificial colourants or preservatives are used. All of our soaps are biodegradable, detergent free, chemical free and cruelty free. Some of our soaps may contain milk, beeswax or oats. Our soaps are made with natural ingredients the expected shelf life of our soap is approximately one year. So please use it!!!

All of our bar soaps are formed in 2lbs. loaves and hand-cut in 4oz. bars, leaving each bar with its own individual characteristics. Soaps are all hand wrapped with our custom label, all labels are made from recycled paper.
Life of Natural Products

Also please note that all of our products are made with natural ingredients and we do not use and chemical preservatives so they do have a shelf life. The shelf life varies for each product and how the product is stored could extend its life. Depending on the product, our products have an approximate shelf life of 12 months. Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool dry area. We want you to use your products before the shelf life goes bad!!
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Simply choose the items you wish to order from our shop then email me at foreversummersoaps@yahoo.com (don't forget to include your trade number) or call 248-628-6315 to place order.


For more information on wholesale please contact me via phone 248-628-6315 or email foreversummersoaps@yahoo.com