Cool It! Essential Oil Roller

Forever Summer Natural Soaps

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Cool It! Essential Oil Roller

Our Cool It! Essential Oil Roller is the perfect blend of cooling peppermint essential oil and invigorating camphor essential oil. This roller is a very strong and minty blend of oil, use in small amounts on desired areas.

Natural Ingredients: liquid coconut oil, golden jojoba oil, Forever Summer blend of peppermint essential oil and camphor essential oil.

Directions- apply small amount of oil to desired area, on clean dry skin. Apply as needed but do not overuse. Avoid any area of the face- eyes and lips. If rash or irritation occurs rinse area with cool water and discontinue use immediately.

Warning- avoid use on sensitive skin, be conscious when using right after bathing -your pores will be more open at that time

*For children- all oils should always be used under adult supervision.

1/3 oz. container with rollerball for easy application

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