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Forever Summer What's On Tap Raspberry Stout Beer Shaving Soap

Raspberry Stout smells like sweet fresh red raspberries, with a hint of wild orange and earthy patchouli. All of our shaving soaps are naturally moisturizing and rich for any skin type and a great option for both men and women.

This shaving soap can be used as a body bar for regular bathing or hand soap.  It can also be used for a natural beard shampoo, it leaves hair and skin feeling soft and moisturized. This milk added into our soap and the natural sugar helps our shaving soap lather up for a great shave. The added oils and milk in our shaving soap is a natural moisturizer. Our natural shaving soap leaves any skin type feeling smooth, moisturized and soft.

Check out our shaving gift set it makes for a great gift for any occasion. It comes with one shaving soap of your choice, one ceramic shaving mug and one boar bristle shaving brush.

Natural Ingredients: dark rich beer saponified with olive, coconut, palm & vegetable oils; shea butter, our blend of patchouli essential oil & natural raspberry fragrance oils.

Directions: Using hot water, wet our shaving soap then with a quality shaving brush rub in circular motion for a luxurious, whisker-softening lather. Apply soap to skin using brush and then shave. Round shaving bar can also be rubbed directly on skin. However works best when used with shaving brush.

Your 4 ounce round shaving bar is individually hand poured & wrapped to order. Size of a 4 ounce shaving bar has a approx. diameter of 2 3/4 inches and is compatible with most shaving mugs.

When traveling or for easier shaving routine check out our ShaStick all natural shaving soap in a stick. 

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